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This month, we have an exciting update on our accessibility database project. As you know, we have been building a database of games sorted by accessibility features, so a user can input the features they need to access a game and receive a list of titles with those features. We’re elated that, as of sending this message, the database is built and ready to be populated! We can’t wait to see how this project can benefit disabled gamers across the world, and we have contributors like you to thank for believing in the DAGERSystem mission. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for our official announcement!

DAGERSystem Accessibility Champion Spotlight

Mike Matlock – News Editor

Video games have always made me feel strong, and they helped me deal with having a disability that limits my mobility. Accessibility in games became a priority for me, so I decided to chronicle my experiences. I wanted to help others become aware of accessibility and teach people what works best for disabled gamers. I’ve learned so much working in the games industry, and I’m so happy it led me down a path to journalism. Still, it isn’t always easy. I often feel self-doubt and that my actions rarely make a difference. However, I received a message last year from a fan which left a huge impact on me. They were a fellow disabled gamer and told me that they relied on my posts every week to get trusted information about accessible games. It gave me so much joy to know that I helped them, and their words humbled me to my core. Sometimes all it takes is getting someone else’s perspective to help you remember that you can change lives for the better!

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Accessible Games Database Now Launching Oct. 1

It’s been a whirlwind summer for DAGERSystem, and I’m excited to say that the technical parts of the Accessible Games Database are complete, and we know that when it launches it will become the premiere source of consumer protection in the area of accessibility in video games.

Thank You For Supporting The Accessible Games Database

The Accessible Games Database went live a week ago today, and the feedback from both the disabled gaming community and the games industry has been incredible and humbling. Thanks to your support in both the development and promotion of the AGD, we’ve reached many users for whom this service was built.