AbilityPoints’ goal is to help prepare disabled people by allowing them to work in a system that completely accommodates their disability while they sharpen their skills, expand their resumes, and explore new opportunities for employment.

Why Employment

Nationwide, services for disabled individuals typically decrease as disabled people graduate from high school. This has resulted in one of the largest under-utilized labor forces in the country. There are thousands of disabled people nationwide who are intelligent, articulate, and ready to work, but because of their inability to enter the workforce at the normal age of 14, they are under-prepared for the demands of professional life.

Can I play that?

Reviews, news stories, and features at CIPT report on the ever-growing presence and adoption of accessibility features within the gaming industry as well as other issues pertinent to the games accessibility world. CIPT’s work has been read and shared internally at studios around the world, such as Xbox, PlayStation, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and countless others. Can I Play That? works to share stories that influence game updates, inform disabled players, educate and entertain players and developers, and provide a voice for one of the largest player bases in the industry.

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